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A progressive style of health care integrating science and nature.

We facilitate ongoing collaboration between practitioner and patient,

designed to ensure you feel supported, empowered, and in control of your 

health, thereby optimising treatment compliance and outcomes.

Dedicated to building strong therapeutic relationships and providing exceptional health care.

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The path to well-being begins here....png

Naturopathy Services

Herbs and Minerals
Initial Consultation

For new clients or existing clients who haven't visited in more than 12 months.

In clinic or online 


Duration: 60 minutes

Natural Herbs
Follow up Consultations

Appointments for existing clients. Extended, standard and acute follow ups.

In clinic or online appointments.

Duration: 45 minutes, 30 minutes & 15 minutes

Mortar with pestle and natural ingredien

For new & existing clients.

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What is Naturopathy?

What is it all about?



Naturopathy is a natural, holistic approach to health and well-being, addressing all aspects of the individual, mind, body and spirit.


Naturopaths aim to determine the underlying cause of disease and do not rely on symptomatic treatment alone.


A combination of natural therapies such as herbal & nutritional medicine, diet & lifestyle coaching, mind body medicine and flower essence therapy are used to stimulate the body's innate ability to heal. 

There is also a focus on disease prevention and maintaining wellness.

Naturopaths see all types of patients and treat many health conditions. 

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Not sure if a Naturopath can help?

Some of the health conditions we treat...


Histamine intolerance

Irritable bowel syndrome - IBS


Chronic constipation

Mood & Energy

Burn out & fatigue



Chronic stress

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Metabolic Imbalance

Weight loss


High cholesterol

Type 2 Diabetes

Sexual Health


Hormonal imbalances (men & women)





Recurrent colds & flu

Acute colds & flu


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About Samantha Porter BHSc (Nat)

Natural Health Practitioner & Naturopath

Hi, I am Samantha and  I am a degree qualified Naturopath and business owner practicing in Melbourne, Victoria.

I am passionate about holistic medicine, promoting health and wellness, and the art and science of natural healing.

Through my own struggles with anxiety and panic disorder I witnessed first hand what it was like to fall through the cracks of mainstream medicine. I wasn't getting any better, I just knew there had to be a another way, so I went searching...and  I found Naturopathy.


Now, I am entrusted by my patients to guide and support them through their healing journey, for which I feel extremely blessed.

Clinical practice allows me to integrate the principles of Naturopathy with contemporary scientific understanding to provide an evidence-based, client focused model of health care suited to the specific needs of each my patients.

In clinic I treat a wide variety of conditions and dis-ease, however, I have a special interest in stress & anxiety disorders, fatigue, gastrointestinal disorders and sexual health.





Clinic locations:
Level 1, 5A Development Blvd,
Mill Park, 3082.
Ph: 0413 645 219

Kilmore Wellness Centre
44 Melbourne St,
Kilmore, 3764.
ph: (03) 5782 2844